The cure for the dream is the dream itself

It empowers your conscious to free the subconscious and allow the superconsciousness within to emerge.

It heals your perception and unleashes your perfection.

The “you” you have been waiting for.

The superhero soul behind the scenes

this is medicine

Befriend your Fears

You are not a tiny human. You are a super-powerful soul. You have been on a quest on this planet creating the character you are right now. You have been learning to guide the human in you on a super-conscious journey to live a fucking exciting life of passion, love and bliss. Every single thing that happened, happened to empower you… It was merely a manifestation of your own inner energy on what you call:… the outside world!!! Your quest is the quest of the energy that travels through you. The more you understand it, the more you understand your divine self, your unique journey, and what you call God. The experience of this understanding is what allows us to move the veils off Planet Earth and live as the life that fuels it. Understand your Self!

Understand your Authentic Raw Emotions and Connect With the Blocks on Your Energy Body

What you want has already been created. It was created before you even got here! Now, you just need to recognise where in your personal pandora box is the block currently creating your reality. The good news is that each different block is a teacher, a version of you. Each one of your e-motions – or beliefs preventing you from feeling your e-motions – is the tip of the iceberg. The bad news is they place colourful sunglasses allowing you to see reality in whatever colour you choose, but not as it really is. Therefore keeping you in pain and separating you from what you want the most… When you address them, you evolve decades or even centuries, quantum leaps of evolution in minutes. Understand your energy body, your e-motions and what they manifest!

Set your mind to heal your heart and tune it to healing mode

Your mind is a gift, a perfect copy of the mind of God. It’s a magnet, a super powerful magic wand. It’s a creative tool. Like a genie, it attracts the answer to all of your questions. Yet, the past meaning you gave to certain thoughts, images and events turn it into beliefs, trigger emotional pain you’ve been trying to avoid. Then, things get foggy. You miss out on the symbolism of the answer and create similar events reliving the past. When you choose to see beyond the filters of previous thoughts and beliefs and see through the eyes of the heart, you release the energy created by those decisions and release a past Self free. See, your pain is not inside your mind, but your mind can attract certainly more pain. It creates whatever you ask it to. When you use the power of the mind to heal your heart, your life flows in a never-ending stream of joy and bliss. Rise above your Matrix and understand your Divine Mind.  

Honour your 'ego' the most updated piece of technology on the cosmos custom made just for you

The ego has been the modern victimhood scapegoat for spirituality seekers – especially when they found out that we could no longer blame their parents! Yet, the E-go is merely energy on the Go. It’s a creative tool for expression. It’s a hairy monkey with arms and hands with a personality powered by the skills and the gifts of a network of all the lifelines spread over an energy field called Matrix. The ego is your character, a gift you chose for your spiritual progression. It’s the most updated piece of technology in the whole cosmos custom made just by you for you… and this is not the first you have – you’ve ruined a few! You get a new one in every lifetime. Yet, the only problem with the ego is that… Well… The Ego? It’s You! Love it or hate it. 

Love your Shadows and Turn the pain behind your addiction into inspiration

Your shadow is the unknown in you. It’s the collection of every wound, every pain in you, you are so eager to avoid and run away from. It’s every judgement that streams from these wounds and creates a blur

Learn how to move through the dream and awaken the inner compass

Your true self is right there, this very moment. You know it perfectly well. It’s inside you looking out through the windows of your eyes. You feel it attracting the right thoughts, the right moves guiding you through the stars. It’s the life force reading these words and smiling knowing that you are on the right track. This is the purpose of this whole game. The best part that it is actually really fun and simple. All you have to do is to be yourself, to listen to your highest vibration, and acknowledge your wounds. Know that everything you want to know is inside yourself, the master key to every door, the secret whispers that answers every the question. And you don’t even have to work it all out. You already have a free ticket to the whole show. You just need to relax and enjoy the streams of thoughts coming through, your emotions talking to you and to know that there’s nothing out to get you. 

Experience the depth of what you are and unleash your unique essence onto the world

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Embody Your SuperHero role, stare at your fears in the eye and kiss them Goodbye

In a world where only love exists, even fear itself is a low vibrational form of love. Fear gets sad when you run from it, grows when attacked and when ignored it lurks in the subconcious waiting for the moonlight switch to be turned on. If you were to dive fear inwards following through the cloud of protective confusion you’d find a part of yourself trapped in a different lifeline saying, “Hello. This thing that you are trying to do is really scary!” See, it’s a fight between two perceptions. Of course, we feel great when we win. It’s like a giant monster feeding off the fear of a little child saying, 

Awaken… the real Perception of the Dream Within the Dream

Connect to the vision of God

Right now, there are at least three different realities in front of us – otherwise known as dimensions. The concious 3D based on depth, height and profoundity you believe these are the words of a separate being. The subconcious 4D where we start removing the lenses, words trigger energy blocks and you feel that this words are yours. And the 5D where this is God talking to you right now responding to the thoughts and actions you are currently having. I know that this might be a little too much for some. Everything is literally one voice in love with expression, one sound with multiple vibrations. The real connection is I am God speaking through you as you are God speaking through me.