We dream the world we live in to wake up and live the dream we have created.

Sandra Guedes, fellow dreamer & Spirit Guide Embodied

Heal the Dream from Within

The cure for the dream is the dream itself

It empowers your conscious to free the subconscious and allow the superconsciousness within to emerge.

It heals your perception and unleashes your perfection.

The “you” you have been waiting for.

The superhero soul behind the scenes

this is medicine

I barely knew the surprise I was in for. It raised my awareness. It made me understand where my phantoms came from and why. Thank you, Sandra, the experience and especially for being you.

Cristiano Gaudencio Service Engineer

It took me so deeply into exploring issues I have held and struggled with my entire life. Sandra works so intuitively, what she does really goes beyond technique. It has taken my healing journey to a whole new level.

Salina Dutton Yoga teacher

I’ve been given the tools to now heal and understand when my triggers go off. I know what to do. With Sandra's guidance, now, I see what is possible and much more.

Heal the dream!
Dan Absolom Dog Behaviourist

Be the dream

Sandra Guedes.

Healing dreams, Empowering Dreamers