Your life is a Spirit Consciousness trip where you go through

the different layers of consciousness to emerge as Creators  


– STONE ÓBIDOS HOSTEL- 29.06.2019 – 10 AM – 7 PM

For fearless Creators

Live the true Quest you came here to Live.

You are not walking in a planet. You are walking in a manifestation plane. A magical place where all your inner hopes, dreams, wishes, hopes, beliefs, are manifested from feeling and thought into moments and events powered up by the spirit of all things, the unconditional love we call God. One single powerful spirit living as an embodied God or Goddess living a Human Adventure on a plane of manifestation.

Create the Dream from Within is unique one day workshop, designed to take you through the different layers of your divine mind, removing layer after layer what you are not, reuniting you with your real purpose, and empowering you with surreal tools to live the real life you came here to live, and save planet Earth in the process – because your dreams are the real dreams you came here to live.

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And there’s Only Room 

for 10!

      What are you going to remember?


10 am - Dream-fully

The Dream & the Dreamer

  • How to transcend the Dream & the Dreamers

10.45 am - Egoicalessly

Conciousness & Allignment

  • What it means to be fully alligned with yourself.

1 pm - Shadowy

Darkness & Perception

  • How to turn your perceptional pain into inspiration

2.00 am - Fearlessly

Gifts & Power

  • Embrace your fears and turn them into raw power.

2.30 pm - E-motionessly

Energy & Evolution

  • Embrace the quantic secrets behind your emotions

3.00 pm - Belieflessly

Vibration & Attraction

  • Understand the importance of living beyond your belieds.

3.30 pm - Purposefully

Role & Path

  • How to accept your divine role in the Mind of God

4.15 pm - Creatorfully

Expression & Extension

  • Understand the importance of creating for Creation

5.00 pm - Flowy

Flow, Intention & Attention

  • How to turn your awakened mind into a superpower

Your host


She’s a Portuguese-born citizen of the world who read too many adventure books and fell in love with Indiana Jones. She dreamt of being a journalist who walked on different lands, heard different stories, ate different foods. A stranger in a strange land living between the edge of the unknown and cultural ecstasy, sharing it with the world.

After years of geographical adventures, her trips took her to Tulum, Mexico where she experienced the first of many waves of Spiritual Awakenings that shifted her whole perception of life and took her to thread the path from Awakening to Enlightenment

Now, she removes energy blockages from fellow Creators, transforms outdated energetic concepts into new world spiritual enlightened rebirths, teaches others how to break cycles, and turns them into Powerful Creators, reminding them that key to set them free from the Matrix are your human dreams. 

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Stone Obidos Hostel

Rua Odete Saint Maurice, n. 7,

2510-135 Óbidos


Within minutes from the walled medieval city of Obidos, this hostel offers a space to come in and retreat from the outside world. It’s a place where designed to empower you on the path of spiritual development, inner healing, unconditional love, and where to conquer peace. 

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What's included?
  • Shamanic Cleansing
  • 9 x Consciousness Expansion Trips
  • Healing Modalities
  • Hot & Cold Drinks
  • 2 x Vegetarian Meals

yOur packages


Workshop + Stay

What's included?
  • Shamanic Cleansing
  • 9 x Consciousness Expansion Trips
  • Healing Modalities
  • Hot & Cold Drinks
  • 3 x Vegetarian Meals
  • 1 x Accomodation


Workshop + Stay + Session

What's included?
  • Shamanic Cleansing
  • 9 x Consciousness Expansion Trips
  • Healing Modalities
  • Hot & Cold Drinks
  • 3 x Vegetarian Meals
  • 1 x Accomodation
  • 1 x 1-1 Healing Session

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"Sandra guided me with love, intuition and conscience knowing how to recognise the conflicting energies inside of me. She showed me new ways and new interpretations that my mind accepted. The following weeks were a process of integration of duality!"

– Silvia Sil, Tulum, Mexico

"She will make you high on yourself"


  Cristobal Diez De Sollano Guggenbuehl,  Tulum, Mexico

"It took me so deeply into exploring issues I have held and struggled with my entire life. It has taken my healing journey to a whole new level.""


 Salina Dutton, Manchester, UK